People who think they are all that

Ugh. Let me tell you about Mimi. Mimi Boughton. Mimi “The Flying Whorehouse” Boughton.

Why am I mad at Mimi? I used to really like the broad.

Mimi is a loadmaster and flight attendant for VR 59. Until she hooked up with another loser in the squadron, she busted her butt and got things done. Now all she does is stick her tongue down any guys throat, and leaves everyone else to do the work.

Here’s the deal. I could care less if this hooch fucked everything between Houston and Dallas, if  only she did it on he own time. But now all of the sudden she decides she wants to fly every trip she can get her hands on, and is sleeping with so many guys in VR 59 that she has earned the nickname “The Flying Whorehouse.” She has an officer under her thumb, so she doesn’t get in too much trouble for it. But if Owens and Russell ever figure out they are both dipping their pens in the same company ink, I think a war will begin.

Mimi. Stop fucking every man in sight, and get back to being a damn good sailor.


About vr59

Doing the Navy thing, doing the pilot thing. Just gotta rant about the idiots in this world.
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