Stupid People

I’ve decided to start a blog about the stupid people I deal with day in and day out. Sort of a cathartic release kind of thing. Now, don’t take me wrong. I know and work with a ton of great people. They know who they are. I just want to vent on the stupid people. My goal: post it, then forget it. This will hopefully be some entertaining therapy.

I am a Southwest Airlines pilot, and  I also fly in the Navy Reserve, proudly with VR 59 in Fort Worth. Of course, I can’t post my name, because I would get into trouble. Big trouble. But God Bless anonymouse bitorrent posting services that hide your ip address!!

Today’s stupidity is brought to you by Burbank, California and a Station Manager called Beverly. At SWA we do quick turns, dump em off, load em on, and leave. Not a complex process. Tell me how much fuel, how many people, how many bags we are taking, and the FO runs the numbers and we go. We go only if those numbers don’t exceed the limitations of the aircraft. Well, they loaded a bunch of heavy bags on, and we had to tell the station that we needed to pull some bags or we were overweight for takeoff. Instead, old Beverly tells her crew to change the overweight bag count to a normal bag weight count. Luckily, the ops crew told us what they had done, since they knew it was wrong. This resulted in a one hour delay while all the luggage was unloaded, then reloaded while I watched and counted each bag. Sucks I have to do that to get a flight out safely. Beverly, you are stupid.


About vr59

Doing the Navy thing, doing the pilot thing. Just gotta rant about the idiots in this world.
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